Crowell professors (L-R) Brandon Ware, Wlamir Xavier, Jake Aguas.

Biola University Crowell School of Business celebrates recent achievements by three professors.

Professor Jake Aguas Provides Expertise on Changing Composition of Today’s Workplace

Business Associate Professor of Management and Human Resources, Jake Aguas, served as a guest speaker at the Orange County Department of Education event on the changing composition of today’s workplace. As an expert on generational differences and former employee of JPMorgan Chase’s Human Resource Management team, Aguas spoke on generational differences and the skills needed to attract and retain top talent.

Aguas recently published a book, Megatrends: The Transformative Forces Reshaping the United States. He was also recently published in Emerging Leadership Journeys, a journal from the Regent University School of Business & Leadership. His article, “Millennial and Generation Z’s Perspectives on Leadership Effectiveness,” includes his reflections from his interviews with twelve members of America’s two youngest generational cohorts, millennials and Generation Z, with the intent of addressing the descriptives and behaviors associated with effective leadership.

In addition, Aguas was an official reviewer for a new book by best-selling business author Robert Lussier, Management Fundamentals: Concepts, Applications, and Skill Development (Ninth Edition), a book intended to teach students “more than just an understanding of the concepts” but also “skills they can use in their everyday lives” as well as “how to succeed in today’s business environment.” Aguas and other reviewers are thanked by Lussier for “providing me with great ideas and inspiration for writing.”

Also, Aguas will be presenting at the Circle of Change Virtual Leadership Conference on December 4, 2020. The conference is intended to help diverse groups of students and professionals from all across the country develop the leadership and professional skills — as well as the confidence — necessary to attain career leadership success and make a positive impact in their community, nation and world.

Professor Brandon Ware Receives Innovation Grant

Dr. Brandon Ware, Crowell School of Business associate professor of business, has received the 2020 Faculty Innovation Grant for his proposal for a "Faith-based Approach to Increase Access to Healthful Foods.” Ware has a deep interest in “food deserts,” and how the lack of supermarkets in the inner-city may be mitigated by equipping churches to provide access to fruit, vegetables and other healthy food at affordable prices for low-income residents. Read more about Ware’s research in the Biola Magazine.

The Faculty Innovation Research Grant is awarded by the Biola Office of Innovation, and is a competitive award of approximately $10,000 based on the innovative way in which a problem is addressed. The Office of Innovation was established by a $1.3 million gift in January 2020 and aims to empower Biola faculty, staff and students to solve real world problems by leveraging the intellectual and spiritual capital of Biola, and to take steps toward innovative and entrepreneurial success by offering financial, practical, social and mentorship support.

Professor Wlamir Xavier Receives Academy of International Business Grant

Dr. Wlamir Xavier, Crowell School of Business professor of international business and finance, has been honored with a grant from the Academy of International Business (AIB) for his long service to that organization. AIB is the leading association of international business scholars and specialists, with over 3,400 members in 72 countries. AIB aims to foster education and advance professional standards in the field of international business.

Xavier also hosted two visiting scholars earlier this year. Visiting scholars provide opportunities for the university community to benefit from collaborative research opportunities and cross-cultural interactions. The husband-and-wife team of Jaison Caetano da Silva and Cinara Gambirage were on campus as part of their doctoral studies at Florida International University. Their research interests are in the area of multinational corporations, and they have been working with Xavier since their masters programs in Brazil.

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