What are the megatrends that are transforming the way we live our lives? How do we recognize these socioeconomic, demographic, environmental and technological forces? Jake Aguas, associate professor of management at Biola University Crowell School of Business, published a new book examining how huge and rapid changes in technology, values and attitudes are changing the world of business, science and art, politics and law, technology and innovation, education, entertainment, agriculture, and thus everyday life.

In his book Megatrends: The Transformative Forces Reshaping the United States, Aguas examines the most influential forces shaping the United States and discusses their implications. From job seekers to managers, farmers to retailers, followers to leaders, preschoolers to distinguished professors, Aguas finds that no one is immune from the effects of megatrends.

“Megatrends are the far-reaching, transformative forces that define our future world and influence how we live our lives,” said Aguas. “Megatrends like technology and innovation, the changing composition of the workforce, and COVID-19 are all reshaping how we communicate, learn, work, entertain ourselves, and relate to others. At a global scale, megatrends affect economies, industries, governments, societies, cultures, transportation, nations, etc. At a granular level, they affect our consumer patterns, our work and learning preferences, and our family lives.”

Aguas teaches courses at Crowell in management and organizational behavior, leadership, and human resource development in the undergraduate and MBA program. The book, published by Kendall Hunt Publishing, has been adopted for courses in management, human resources, organizational behavior and leadership.

“Jake Aguas invites us into his fascinating classroom with an up-to-the-minute tour of the forces shaping our everyday experience,” said Gary Lindblad, dean of Crowell School of Business. “With the ability to set each trend in a relevant and brief historical context, summarize and bring to life essential details, and share the occasional personal anecdote, Jake brings clarity and insight to the stunningly wide array of information at his fingertips.”

The clear format of the book, which highlights key terms, allows the reader to dig into details while keeping an eye on the larger narrative of these forces. The conversational tone and practical approach will prepare readers to be effective both professionally and personally.

“The book was initially inspired by my passion for understanding how generational differences were impacting the modern workplace,” said Aguas. “However, the more research I conducted, the more I felt I needed to broaden my scope in order to effectively bridge the gap between the macro- and micro-environments. My goal then became to write a book in an executive summary style format that was professional, conversational, and research-based that could help new and seasoned leaders expand their emotional, cultural, and social intelligence all while expanding their leadership reach.”

Lindblad believes professionals across all industries can benefit from Aguas’ new book.

“Starting with the ‘why’ in understanding these forces as important to the reader both personally and professionally, he paints a picture of the current demographic, economic, and social context of the U.S. today,” said Lindblad. “Like the master teacher he is, Jake concludes each chapter with probing questions and challenges for further inquiry. This is essential reading for every business student and professional, and also for anyone planning to live in the modern world these forces and trends are remaking daily.”

Aguas has another book scheduled for release in Summer 2021, also from Kendall Hunt Publishing, titled Generation Z and the COVID-19 Crisis, co-written with Crowell School of Business student Madeleine Prater, a senior Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major.

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