Biola University and the Crowell School of Business are excited to announce the launch of a new online business degree beginning this fall. This new program, the Bachelor of Science in Business Management, is designed for adult learners who are serious about finishing their business degree and serious about their Christian faith.

There are hundreds of online business degrees out there, but what makes Biola’s different? What have we done to make this the premier degree for those seeking to grow their faith while finishing their degree?

  • Every business course is designed with the understanding that business is a calling. Just as some may be called to be a pastor or work in the mission field, many of us have been created to work in the business world as a way to fulfill our calling.
  • All the courses are designed by full-time faculty members in the Crowell School of Business. These faculty members bring their real-world work experience and many years of teaching to the design of the courses. Some of our courses are also co-designed with faculty from the Talbot School of Theology, providing unique material available in no other business program. Students in our online business courses are getting the best of Christian business education.
  • Besides the business courses, all students in this program will also take a set of core Bible courses. These courses are designed to provide a foundation of biblical and theological knowledge.
  • Students in our online program are considered full-fledged students in the Crowell School of Business. Because of this, they can access to the different chapels and speakers that are a part of the business program. Our online students will even be eligible to participate in our annual Startup Competition, kicking off each fall.

If you are looking for a way to deepen your faith while completing your bachelor’s degree, we believe that the Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Biola University is the best solution for you. You can find out more about this program here.