Biola University will expand their science-based degrees through a new B.S. in Engineering degree starting in Fall 2023. With Biola’s commitment to facilitate a learning environment where students develop a bold faith for a bright future, the program will provide an interdisciplinary, hands-on approach to engineering design that will impact greater society.

“Engineers are highly valued not only for their problem-solving skills, but also for their logical thinking, innovative abilities, and their capacity to visualize the big picture and synergize resources,” said Grace Ni, program chair of physics and engineering.

Through the new program, Biola’s School of Science, Technology and Health will equip students to apply fundamental engineering concepts toward innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to real-world problems. Students will learn foundational engineering coursework while building portfolio-ready projects.

Through intentional instruction with their professors, students will gain knowledge of hardware and software integration, project management, programming, engineering design principles, technical communication and advanced mathematics. The program is a standard, four year degree completed in-person over eight semesters. The program is flexible in the latter half of students’ learning with the opportunity to choose between courses in advanced engineering, computer science and other STEM courses that fit their interests and career goals.

A design/engineering capstone experience will allow fourth-year students to apply their knowledge and skills to solve culminating, open-ended and complex problems in their specific area of interest. Last year, four Engineering Physics students were able to showcase their skills in the make:able challenge, exemplifying the opportunities engineering students will have to hone their interests.

“Through the two-semester-long capstone design project, students will have the opportunity to dive deeper into Christ-centered design as they develop prototypes for faculty-led research, industrial sponsored projects, or meeting the technological needs of mission organizations,” said Ni.

Students will have the opportunity to get certified in Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) or Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) during their time in the program.

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Written by Charlotte McKinley, public relations intern. For more information, please email