Jamie Sanchez, an associate professor at Biola’s Cook School of Intercultural Studies, was one of three recipients of the fourth annual McGraw Hill Distinguished Scholar Award, given at the Conference on Academic Research in Education (CARE) in Las Vegas on February 24–25.

Sanchez, an associate professor and program director of the doctorate program in intercultural studies, has been a Cook faculty member since 2016. She holds a Ph.D. in Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical and Cultural Thought from Virginia Tech. Her research interests include China area studies and refugee studies. Additionally, she specializes in qualitative research methods. Before this award, she received a collaborative research grant for her ongoing refugee studies research.

This year, Sanchez, who has attended CARE since 2017, co-presented with Leanne Dzubinski, associate dean and associate professor of intercultural education and studies, on their multi-year research project on doctoral supervisor to student relationships.

“Dr. Dzubinski and I both supervise doctoral student dissertation committees,” Sanchez said. “We were prompted to understand what makes a good dissertation committee supervisors from the perspective of the doctoral student. Thus, we have conducted qualitative research with recent doctoral students from across the United States to build our study.” 

Other Cook faculty who attended the conference included Lindsey Huang, assistant professor of intercultural studies, who presented with two Biola graduate students, Danbo Wang and Jiye Kim. Eunice Hong, assistant professor of intercultural studies, co-presented with graduate students Norlan Hernandez and Irwan Pranoto. 

The distinguished scholar award is meant to “recognize quality scholarship among CARE participants and encourage able scholars to continue participating in the conference,” according to CARE’s website. “For selection, recipients may be selected from later career scholars with established records of publications as well as early/mid-career faculty who provide evidence of particularly promising scholarly careers.”

The CARE conference brings together scholars from around the nation and abroad to present scholarship related to a variety of contexts, including theory, practice, empirical research and conceptual advancement. All presentations address subjects related to elementary through higher education.

For more information, visit the CARE website. Learn more about the Cook School of Intercultural Studies.

Written by Sarah Dougher, media relations assistant. For more information, contact media.relations@biola.edu