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Online B.S. in Biblical Ministries


The fully online Bachelor of Science in Biblical Ministries is designed for students called to pursue Christian ministry — including pastoral ministry, teaching, youth ministry, women's ministry, Sunday school and more.

Offered through Biola’s Talbot School of Theology, this online program will increase your knowledge of the Bible, expand your practical ministry skills and deepen your spiritual life. The training and education you receive in biblical ministries will equip you to be a more effective ministry leader in your area of influence and establish a foundation for further studies.

If you are interested in an on-campus learning experience, consider the B.A. in Bible, Theology and Ministry degree.

Biola’s online bachelor's degree in biblical ministries offers several key advantages:

  • Enhance your Biblical Knowledge.
    This program will provide the knowledge, training and tools you need to study, teach and apply Scripture, including an introduction to biblical languages and exposure to the best online tools. As part of this program, you will qualify to earn a minor in biblical and theological studies.
  • Grow in your Practical Ministry Skills.
    Learn the “how to’s” of ministry — practical principles you can apply in your ministry from day one. Whether you need guidance on how to preach an effective sermon, lead a ministry team, handle finances or counsel a married couple, you will receive biblically based, time-tested wisdom on how to best serve those entrusted to your care.
  • Learn from Experienced Professors.
    You will be taught and trained by expert faculty members from Talbot School of Theology, one of the nation’s leading seminaries. Our faculty are top-notch scholars who have decades of hands-on experience in churches and Christian ministries.
  • Prepare for a Lifelong Calling.
    “Ministry burnout” is an all-too-common challenge for those called into Christian ministry. To guard against this, Biola’s biblical ministries program focuses on your spiritual transformation and equips you to approach ministry as a marathon, not a sprint. The program also creates a pathway for those interested in pursuing further studies, including an M.A. or M.Div. at Talbot.
  • It’s Flexible and Convenient.
    You will be able to complete your degree in as little as 24 months, depending on the number of credits you transfer in and the number of credits you take each term. The program offers accelerated 7-week courses taught completely online, giving you the freedom to fit your classes into your busy life.
  • You will have a Personal Success Coach.
    Success coaches are committed to helping you achieve your goals as a student. At Biola University, your personal success coach will help you navigate your program from the day you’re accepted to the day you graduate.

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What courses will I take as a Biblical Ministries major?

In the biblical ministries program, you will take courses offered by Talbot’s Division of Biblical and Theological Studies, which houses four of Biola’s undergraduate departments: Christian Ministries, Old Testament, New Testament and Systematic Theology. Among these are unique courses you can immediately apply to your current work in ministry. Some courses include:

Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation (BBST 103)

Equipping to interpret and apply the Bible in accurate and dynamic ways for spiritual transformation and character formation. Notes: Must be completed during the first year. Grade Mode: A.

Christian Ministry Skills (CEED 312)

Includes instruction and skill development in a variety of functions expected of those in full-time Christian ministry, including examples such as: public speaking and giving extemporaneous remarks, public prayer, worship service introductions, worship service coordination, working with church boards and pastoral leadership, conducting meetings, leading church staff, selecting staff, conducting the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper; and essentials regarding conducing weddings, funerals, hospital visitation, and pre-engagement training as time permits. Grade Mode: A.

Counseling Methods (CEED 326)

Investigation of foundations for pastoral counseling to individuals and families in ministry settings. Study of psychological theories and a vision for church community will be followed by the development of personal counseling skills for listening and compassion. Grade Mode: A.

Bible and Theology Coursework

One of Biola’s academic distinctives is the minor in biblical and theological studies, which sets a foundation for every student’s understanding of Scripture and theology. You will take 30 credits of Bible courses as part of your degree to qualify for a minor in biblical studies.

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Career Outlook and Preparation

What can you do with a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Ministries?

You may already be active in ministry in some capacity, but with this degree, other ministry opportunities may open up as well. Possible careers include:

  • Pastor
  • Evangelist
  • Youth pastor
  • Missionary
  • Children's ministry director
  • Church administrator or ministry coordinator
  • Christian education director
  • Prison or military chaplain
  • Counselor
  • Social worker
  • Parachurch or non-profit worker

Kellee Popp

The Christian Ministries department is a gem of a department and it will not only shape you academically but spiritually and emotionally as well. I felt very prepared to step into full-time ministry — from my classes on organization and administration, to public speaking, to teaching, to understanding youth culture.

Fund Development Director for Christian Non-Profit
Christian Ministries, B.A. '07
Benjamin Sosa

My program at Biola prepared me to think biblically and critically about the world around me. Biola offered me understanding and preparation that equipped me for the mechanics of church ministry, from a church's functions and systems down to the personal ministry.

Campus Pastor
Biblical Ministries, B.S. '16


Online Bachelor's Degrees Admissions Requirements

If you're interested in applying to one of Biola University’s online bachelor’s degree programs, see the information below to learn about admissions requirements.

See Admissions Requirements

Steps to Apply

Want to get started with the admissions process? See our Steps to Apply for online bachelor’s students.

See Steps to Apply

Transfer Credit

  1. Transfer up to 70 credits of work from other accredited colleges or universities. Learn more about transferring credits.
  2. Earn credit for your program based on past work or volunteer experience through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Learn more about PLA.

If you have any questions about the admissions process or would like to have a transfer evaluation completed, contact your admissions counselor. To maximize your transfer coursework, contact our success coaches.

Prior Learning Assessment

Whether you currently work in the business world or have volunteer and other life experiences, we want to help you get credit for the knowledge you already have. Through Biola’s Prior Learning Assessment, you can earn credit towards your undergraduate degree. You can use the tool below to see how much credit you can potentially earn.

See How Much Credit Can You Earn

Tuition and Financial Aid

As you consider the cost of college, keep in mind that more than 80% of Biola students receive some form of financial aid. We’re here to walk alongside you as you balance tuition and costs with different scholarship and aid opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of degree is biblical ministries?

The Biblical Ministries degree is a bachelor of science (B.S.) from Biola University. The 33 credits of core major courses cover the theory and practice of ministry based on a solid biblical foundation. You'll be able to enrich your community and ministry with the Gospel in practical, transformative ways.

Which agency is the program accredited by?

Biola is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). This is the same agency that grants accreditation to other schools in California such as the University of Southern California, Stanford and local community colleges.

Who teaches in the biblical ministries program?

The faculty of Talbot School of Theology aren’t just respected theologians. They are servant-leaders involved in ministries and churches and committed mentors of their students. Broaden and deepen your understanding of God’s Word, learning from someone committed to your growth.

See More Frequently Asked Questions

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You'll be able to complete weekly coursework on a schedule that works for you — with asynchronous classes that are offered in a 7- or 15-week format.

Total Credits

Total program credits include major-specific courses and Biola's core curriculum.

Cost per Credit

This is the cost per credit; total tuition costs for each trimester will differ for part-time and full-time students.

Next Start Date

Online bachelor's programs have new start dates every 7-8 weeks, which means you can get started as soon as you want.

Standard Completion Time

This indicates the standard duration of this program. Completion time may vary depending on transferred coursework and preferred courseload.


Biola University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission. Additional accreditations may apply to specific programs.