Key Approaches to Biblical Ethics: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue

Markus Zehnder, Contributor
Professor of Old Testament and Semitics
Brill, January 2021

The purpose of Key Approaches to Biblical Ethics is to address fundamental as well as practical questions of methodology in examining the ethical material of the Bible. Sixteen scholars of international reputation, most of them leaders in the field of biblical ethics, discuss questions of biblical interpretation from the perspectives of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament ethics in close dialogue with one another. In the present volume both established and new approaches to biblical ethics are presented and discussed. The result is a volume of unprecedented scholarly interaction that provides key insights into issues of biblical ethics that play a significant role both for biblical interpretation as well as for methodological questions in Jewish and Christian ethics today.

Letters for the Church: Reading James, 1–2 Peter, 1–3 John, and Jude as Canon

Darian Lockett
Professor of New Testament
IVP Academics, March 2021

In Letters for the Church, Lockett reveals how the Catholic Epistles provide a unique window into early Christian theology and practice. Based on evidence from the early church, he contends that the seven letters of James, 1–2 Peter, 1–3 John, and Jude were accepted into the canon as a collection and should be read together. Here Lockett introduces the context and content of the Catholic Epistles while emphasizing how all seven letters are connected. Each chapter outlines the author, audience and genre of one of the epistles, traces its flow of thought, and explores shared themes with the other Catholic Epistles. By introducing the coherent vision of these seven epistles, Letters for the Church helps us rediscover these riches.

El Liderazgo en la Educación Teológica. Volumen 3 (Fundamentos para el Desarrollo de la Facultad)

Orbelina Eguizabal, Editor and Contributor
Professor of Christian Higher Education
Langham Global Library, April 2021

The ICETE Program for Academic Leadership (IPAL) was officially established in 2010 out of a need to provide training to theological institutions in various regions of the world. This book is the third and final volume in the series. Teacher development is at the heart of theological education. This book lays the foundation for institutions to equip and train their emerging leaders and task them with advancing their careers and raising the standards of their teaching and research. Contributors to this volume share the findings of research conducted at evangelical academic institutions in various contexts around the world, so that other senior administrators can improve the quality of theological education at their own institution.

Sixteenth-Century Mission: Explorations in Protestant and Roman Catholic Theology and Practice

Karin Stetina, Contributor
Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

Lexham Press, April 2021

In ​​Sixteenth-Century Mission, a diverse cast of contributors explores the wide-reaching practice and theology of mission during this era. Rather than a century bereft of cross-cultural outreach, we find both Reformers and Roman Catholics preaching the gospel and establishing the church in all the world. This overlooked yet rich history reveals themes and insights relevant to the practice of mission today.