Talbot School of Theology’s Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) has found a new home within the Institute for Spiritual Formation (ISF). As a Christ-centered MFT program, we want to further and bless God’s kingdom by prioritizing the formation of the marriage and family therapist. The students’ formation in the Spirit through the guidance of this program is prioritized such that their impact in the world, their community, and the local church is a truly kingdom impact. We are deeply invested in our students gaining theoretical knowledge, clinical mental health skills, professional development as a marriage and family therapist, and humility to resource and refer appropriately. We see the formation of the marriage and family therapist being akin to the tree beside the streams of living water, deeply rooted in their faith and identity in Christ Jesus, and also flexible enough to be responsive and patient, a patience that trusts abiding in Christ produces fruit within season (Psalm 1).

The MFT program prioritizes active integration. Each class within the MFT program is under one of five theological pillars. This is an active model that integrates psychology with theological principles. The five pillars are: Creation, the Fall, Redemption, Sanctification and Wisdom. Integration tasks that weave in what students are learning in each course will include prayer projects and daily devotionals under these theological pillars.

The MFT program is under the leadership of Dr. Berry Bishop, interim program director, and Megen Phillips, clinical training coordinator. Both are practicing clinicians as well as graduates of ISF and as such are uniquely positioned to shepherd our students through this spiritually integrated clinical program.

We will be welcoming a new cohort into the program (with Spring and Fall 2022 starts) and encourage any potential interested students to apply at biola.edu/mft.