Daniel Jansson (M.Div. ’13), the lead pastor of Imago Dei Church in Downey, California, has a passion for life-on-life discipleship and setting deep roots in the city through church planting. I have had Daniel in a number of classes and he is an amazing young man who has a heart and vision to impact the world for Jesus with the gospel.

Daniel attended Talbot from 2009 to 2013, earning a Master of Divinity degree in the General Pastoral track. He and his wife, Crista, have five children: Chloe (7), Jack (6), Sadie (5), Mercy (2) and June (1). Crista just started this year on her M.A. in Bible Exposition at Talbot. Learn more about Daniel below, and please keep the family and Imago Dei Church in your prayers.

Q: What were some of the most valuable lessons that you learned during your time at Talbot?
Besides the general knowledge and skills that I gained at Talbot, I learned to really enjoy the Bible for all it’s worth. It became more real and true to me as I saw how it impacted my life. In addition, I learned to have a love for biblical theology from professors like Ken Way. I also learned valuable lessons of life and balance from professor Ruth Spradley. Her counsel to me in my first semester really set me up for great success and balance during my time in seminary. The importance of character was another huge takeaway for me. This was not only taught to me but also modeled to me through the amazing faculty

Q: Can you share about your early ministry experiences?
I served as a youth pastor as well as worship leader in a primarily Hispanic church in the city of Bell. This was a new cross-cultural experience for me. Through this church, I was fortunate to learn under my father-in-law, who was the pastor of the church. This was an incredibly formative time for me. I learned how to pray and shepherd the flock. He was an incredible role model for me. This was an invaluable time for my growth, development and future success.

Q: What ministry are you overseeing now in your role at Imago Dei?
I currently serve at an EFCA/Acts 29 Church plant called Imago Dei as the lead pastor. We planted in 2015 and currently reside in Downey, California. It has been an amazing journey. When we started, it was basically just me and my wife, Crista. God has certainly been good to us. We currently have about 250 members and I have served now with this church for seven years.

Q: What is your vision for your church?
There are basically three things that I’m trying to do with my church. The first thing is for the church to be healthy. By the time I’m 80, I want to still love Jesus, my wife and my church. Second, I want to be a multiplying church. My heart is for church-planting. I want our church to be able to send out other churches. Finally, I want to be able to set deep roots in the city. We really want to impact the city around us in southeast L.A. That really is my heart’s desire.

Q: What are some final thoughts and thanks that you would like to share as an alumnus of Talbot?
First, my thanks. I’m realizing now how thankful I am for my time at Talbot. I now have a greater recognition and proper gratitude for the classroom and my classmates. I’m able to use something every day from something that I’ve learned from school. I’ve truly been shaped by Talbot and thankful that now I can express it clearly. Second, my thoughts. I’m amazed to see what and how my friends from Talbot are currently doing. To also think back on how holy every class really was. And how God has now scattered everyone throughout the world in a multiplying ministry. Even through the hardships, God has provided hope and giftedness through my classmates from Talbot.