Race, poverty, the LGBTQ community, theistic evolution, student culture today and church as a family — these are just some of the topics on Talbot’s new podcast, “Think Biblically: Conversations on Faith and Culture.” The new weekly podcast launched in October of 2017, and is hosted by Scott Rae, professor of Christian ethics and dean of Talbot’s faculty, along with Sean McDowell, associate professor of Christian apologetics.

Both professors are not only widely known and gifted in their respective fields, but have a heart to serve the church and society through teaching and scholarship. Motivated by their desire to equip thinking men and women in the church on how to think and talk biblically about all matters of life, Rae and McDowell sought to create an accessible platform to invite respected scholars and influencers to share Christian perspectives on current events and cultural trends impacting people’s lives today.

“How do we take our faith and beliefs and live in the cultural moment in which we find ourselves? What does that look like? What does Scripture say?” McDowell said. “We’re going to tackle a lot of controversial issues of our day unashamedly from a biblical perspective but do it in a gracious — hopefully winsome — manner.”

With the podcast, Rae and McDowell hope to extend Biola and Talbot’s reach and to share Biola’s wealth of resources and expertise to serve the community, the church and parachurch ministries on high school and college campuses.

“What we envision is something that is unambiguously biblically faithful but really meaningfully engaged with the conversation that people in the culture and outside the church are having,” Rae said.

Guests on the show have included Talbot’s own professors, including J.P. Moreland, distinguished professor of philosophy; Joe Hellerman, professor of New Testament language and literature; Alan W. Gomes, professor of theology; and Brandon Cash, preaching and pastoral ministry director, who also serves as chaplain to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Other notable guests include Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention; author and social critic Os Guinness; and McDowell’s father, Josh McDowell, a renowned apologist and bestselling author of Evidence that Demands a Verdict.

“Think Biblically” is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast and wherever podcasts are available. Listen, explore and subscribe to episodes.