The mission of Biola University from its inception has always been to train everyday people to impact the world for Christ in all their situations of life. Biola now has a new way to fulfill this mission through the recent introduction of its online lifelong learning platform. Launched in September 2017, Biola LEARN (Lifelong Education and Resource Network) provides online courses from some of Biola’s most well-known professors to the general public.

Everyone can now access the same knowledge and wisdom that Talbot faculty provide. Additionally, Talbot graduates can further their ministry training and professional development beyond their degrees by continuing to learn from their professors. Current Biola LEARN courses feature some of Talbot’s most beloved faculty teaching their favorite subjects, such as J.P. Moreland on Christian apologetics, Scott Rae on faith in the workplace, Michael Wilkins on biblical discipleship and John Coe on spiritual formation. These courses are fully online, self-paced and reasonably priced, meaning that anyone can engage in this learning in a way that suits them best.

In addition to the courses for individuals, the catalog also contains several small group curriculum courses. With a single purchase, a group gains access to a video package as well as a downloadable participant guide for distribution to everyone in the group. Through these curriculum pack- ages, pastors and parachurch leaders can support their ministries with high-quality, low-cost resources.

Moreover, through Biola LEARN, learners can benefit from all of Biola’s academic resources. For example, local and global missions workers can learn the skills for teaching English from Biola’s Cook School of Intercultural Studies, or be equipped to address issues of human trafficking through Rosemead School of Psychology. The Communication Studies department can help teachers and preachers become more persuasive. The Center for Marriage and Relationships provides training in marriage and relationship skills. All that to say, the collective wisdom of Biola faculty is now available for anyone.

The Financial Literacy series is the high- light of this fall’s launch schedule. A collaborative effort between Talbot and Biola’s Crowell School of Business, this series provides theological and practical training for matters of personal finance, such as budgeting and debt, as well as church finances. New courses launch throughout the year, all aiming to further Biola’s mission by equipping pastors, leaders and the people they serve.

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