As a senior at Biola, I have recently noticed some of the amazing resources available to me on campus. I wish I would've utilized many of these things starting freshman year, so here's to hoping you can!

Health Center:

The Health Center is an amazing resource that is often underutilized by students. You can go to the health center for a variety of reasons including blood tests, physicals, and medicine prescriptions. It’s convenient and the staff is kind, so do yourself a favor get checked out!

Writing Center:

The Biola Writing Center is an easy way to get one on one help with writing. We have all had papers that have felt impossible or grades we really needed to get up. With the writing center, those tasks feel more manageable.

On their site they are described as “a place where students of all disciplines and writing abilities can discuss their writing with a trained consultant, designed to provide feedback and assessment of papers in progress.”

They are located on the Library’s second floor and appointments are made online.


Have you ever needed a book for class or leisure that the Biola Library doesn’t carry? Well, fear not. With Link+ you can pick up books from all around California at the Biola Library. All you have to do is fill out a free request form on the library site and pick up the book a few days later.


Handshake is an amazing way to connect with jobs and internships specific to your interests. You can also make appointments through the app for resumé help. Honestly, we can use all the help we can get, right?


The Biola Counseling center is affordable and close by. Now you don’t have any excuses for not working on your mental health!

The Learning Center:

Located in the upper level of the Library, The Learning Center helps students with everything from time management and study skills to learning disabilities.