In April, Tyndale House Publishing will release a new NLT study Bible designed for women. When I first heard about the project, I was skeptical: why do women need their own Bible? After praying about it, I agreed to contribute.

Writing the study notes for Genesis and Exodus convinced me that it’s both helpful and necessary for us to consider the unique questions, concerns and opportunities women bring with them to the Bible. In all my years of higher education in Bible and theology, no one ever asked me to read the Bible with and for women. As I read with women in mind, so many stories sprang to life! Women who struggled with barrenness, who bore children, who married or were sent away, women who brought their deepest hurts and questions to God in the midst of their pain, women who prophesied, women who celebrated, women who fought and women who worked together, women whose shrewd intervention countered wickedness. I wrote more about these discoveries for Christianity Today.

Every Woman’s Bible is a remarkable project involving women from around the globe to answer some of the most pressing issues of our generation about identity and calling. This Bible is unique because the women who wrote the study notes have PhDs in Biblical Studies and Theology. We’re bringing our A-game to the study of Scripture because women deserve solid answers to their deepest questions. Over 100 women were involved in writing extra devotional features throughout the Bible.

The Bible includes tons of bonus features because it’s Filament-enabled, which is Tyndale’s signature study method using smartphone technology. Every page is linked to maps, BibleProject videos and more study notes common to all Tyndale’s Filament Bibles that can be freely accessed using a smartphone. I pray that the women of this generation will be encouraged and equipped to dig deeper into the Bible as they see themselves on its pages. We’ve been careful to write the notes without using technical vocabulary so that they are understandable to women who are newer to the faith.

Preorder the Bible at for 25% off through the end of April 2024!