Whether driving in the car, flying in a plane or working out, I love listening to podcasts. As you can see below, I listen to a variety of shows. While there are a ton of good podcasts (my apologies to friends and great podcasters not included here!), here’s my eight favorites in no particular order:

1. The Briefing by Albert Mohler. This is a daily podcast in which Dr. Mohler discusses leading news topics from a Christian worldview. He is remarkably well read, but also very gracious toward people with different perspectives. Rarely a day goes by that I miss an episode.

2. The Listener’s Commentary by John Whitaker. He teaches exegetically from various books of the Bible, and has done full series on Mark, Acts, Hebrews, 1 Corinthians and more. Episodes are roughly 25-30 minutes and he both explains and applies the text. I interviewed John on my YouTube channel in case you want to hear more about his story and approach to the Bible.

3. Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig. In my view, WLC is the leading Christian apologist today. He is my colleague at Talbot School of Theology and runs the ministry Reasonable Faith. Dr. Craig is a debater, writer, researcher and speaker. In this weekly podcast, he covers a range of cultural and apologetic issues in an accessible manner. He spends a considerable amount of time answering some of the toughest questions students are asking today.

4. Conversations with Coleman. Coleman Hughes is a young, brilliant (atheist) thinker who discusses a number of philosophical and cultural issues on his weekly podcast. If you want to hear more about his story and approach to issues, check out our YouTube interview in which we discuss both race and religion.

5. The Herd with Colin Cowherd. This is a daily sports show that tends to focus primarily on the NFL and NBA. Cowherd is an opinionated and entertaining host. He tells great stories and uses memorable illustrations to make his point. Even when I disagree with him, he always makes me think.

6. Lost Debate. This podcast is hosted by two young thinkers from different political backgrounds. They model civil, thoughtful dialogue, and cover many political and cultural issues that are pressing in the news. I enjoy both the content and the manner in which they dialogue.

7. Stand to Reason. Greg Koukl is one of the most thoughtful Christian apologists today (and a personal friend). As the president of Stand to Reason, he hosts this podcast answering some of the toughest questions on ethics, culture and religion. My favorite part about the podcast is that Greg doesn’t just answer questions, but he walks listeners through his reasoning process, and thus teaches people how to be better thinkers.

8. Theology in the Raw. Preston Sprinkle hosts this podcast in which he discusses a variety of theological issues with a range of guests. He engages people from different backgrounds and is not afraid to ask tough questions on all sorts of theological and cultural issues.

*Also, check out the Think Biblically podcast, from Talbot School of Theology, which I co-host with Dr. Scott Rae. We discuss cultural, theological, and apologetics issues of the day from a biblical perspective.