Renowned New York City pastor and author Tim Keller passed away on May 19, 2023. Below is Talbot School of Theology professor Eddie Byun’s tribute to him.

Gentle and lowly
Humble and holy

You knew Jesus as a friend
And walked faithfully with Him till the end

To so many you were a mentor
By keeping Jesus at the center

You were such a different pastor
It was never about numbers or your fame
You kept our eyes on Jesus
Like an arrow pointing to His name

He must become greater
I must become less
That was your heartbeat
That’s why we were blessed

You were a masterful artist
Lifting our eyes to behold His face
Each sermon painted the gospel
So we stood in awe of amazing grace

You kept Jesus at the center
Inviting skeptics and friends to think
How the gospel is a diamond
How its beauty changes everything

Your life was one that spoke
Unveiling the gospel story
Now you can finally rest
As you are welcomed into glory

I can hear the Father say
Faithful servant. Well done.
Enter into my happiness
Tim Keller. My beloved son.

Thank You God, for the life and testimony of Timothy Keller.