Suppose a Christian young man or woman is considering attending a Christian college. Which college should he or she attend? What criteria should be considered when someone is weighing out the hugely important decision of which college should be their learning center for the next four years of his or her life?

Dr. Perry Glanzer, a professor at Baylor University, just defined that criteria in a guest blog post for The Gospel Coalition and references Biola University throughout the article as a positive example of a truly Christian college. He outlines his research in the article and shares the following criteria to consider when choosing a Christian college:

  1. The mission statement of the university
  2. Christian requirements for admission and hiring
  3. How many and what kinds of Bible and theology classes are required for students (Glanzer comments that “If, like Biola University, students take 30 hours and receive a minor in Bible, you know it takes education regarding the Christian tradition seriously.”)
  4. Chapels
  5. The ethos of student life.

This is a great article that offers some really practical guidance on the types of questions Christian students and their families need to ask before signing up for a Christian school that may, unfortunately, turn out to be Christian in name only.

Read the full article “A Guide to Choosing a Christian College” at The Gospel Coalition.