Spring 2020 was unlike any other in the history of Biola University and Talbot School of Theology. COVID–19 disrupted many of the much-anticipated plans for classes, graduations, and celebrations. It could not, however, dampen the spirit with which we celebrate our 2020 Talbot graduates. We are grateful for the technology that enables us to still collectively celebrate albeit at a distance. The 35-minute Facebook Live event was shared on Saturday May 9, 2020. To date, we have had approximately 2,800 views.

Our host, Dr Brandon Cash, welcomes our faculty, guests, spouses, family and friends. Dr Mick Boersma then presents the charge to the graduates. The hooding ceremony, which typically follows the charge, involves each of the graduates walking across the stage to be hooded by one of their professors. Meanwhile, our deans would read the notes of appreciation written by each of our graduates. In lieu of this, our graduates have recorded their notes of appreciation for all to hear. In closing, our Dean, Dr. Clint Arnold, gives a congratulatory greeting and offers a prayer of blessing and dedication.

Who might you recognize? By whom might you be inspired? Check it out.

Join us as we continue to remember and thank God for his faithfulness to our students, our school, and our graduates.