In God's interesting humor and sovereignty, I've been "homeschooling" Enoch after he came home from his regular school since we moved to LA at the end of 2019. A big part of it was because I was preparing him for an eventual transition to a Classical Christian education that I've been wanting for him (You can see an earlier post where I share some key strengths of a classical education). I must admit, homeschooling is filled with its challenges as well as great rewards. But it is definitely not easy. And suddenly, with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down most of the K-12 schools across the US, homeschooling is the new norm in America (and many other countries around the world today). I'm thankful that God was "training" me for the past few months on how to teach him all his key subjects while at home. Another positive from the past few months of research and homeschooling is the discovery of a lot of great resources that can help first time homeschool parents. I wanted to provide some great websites and resources that can help you educate your children while at home.



Field Trips

Books and Media


Here's a sample schedule that I go through with Enoch:

Daily (M-F)

  • Bible: Memory Verses and Westminster Shorter Catechism (video)
  • Penmanship: Cursive exercises
  • Grammar: Grammar Reviews + Shurley English Jingles + Lessons
  • Grammar: Writing Exercises (Expository Paragraphs)
  • Copy work and Dictation: Narnia Series and Little House Series
  • Reading: 20 minutes of reading out loud
  • Spelling: Speak to Write and Read + Spelling Power
  • Math: Math in Focus (Singapore Math) + Kumon Math
  • Games/PE: Chess + Basketball + Football + Baseball (Catch) + Pool
  • Free Reading

Twice a Week (Tues/Thurs)

  • Geography: Countries, Cities, and US States
  • History: Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer
  • Science: First Science Encyclopedia

Once a Week

  • Art: Drawing and Origami (Monday) + Watch Michael Jordan Highlights
  • Music: Guitar + Harmonica (Wed)
  • Technology: Making videos of his paper airplanes (Saturday)
  • iPad/Game Day: 30-60 mins on Saturday mornings
  • Cooking/Baking: ​Usually Friday nights

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