As usual, the professors at Biola will be very well represented at the annual Bible and theology conferences this year. The location of the conferences is beneficial for the involvement of the Biola community this year because they are being held in San Diego. Students of the Bible and theology are particularly encouraged to attend the conferences for a glimpse of life in academia, the opportunity to hear from the best scholars and professors, and the chance to visit the book room. In addition, they can watch their professors present papers and get grilled by other scholars in the field. The list below was compiled by Meagan Bare. 

Evangelical Theological Society

Wednesday, November 20

Karin Stetina - Moderator (Christian History and Thought since 1700)

Kent Dunnington - Support Group Discipleship: What the Church can learn from AA 

Adam J. Johnson - Wesleyan Studies - Respondent 

Clay Jones - Only Eternal Punishment Guarantees the Destruction of the Evildoer’s Notoriety

John McKinley - The Spiritual Life of the Messiah in Isaiah and Selected Psalms

Adam Chebahtah - Moderator (Old Testament: The Writings)

I. Leon Harris - Ephesians 6:10-17 and The Full Armor of God: A Christological Fulfillment of Ecclesiological Justice

Kyle Strobel -  Jonathan Edwards, the Visual, and the Nature of the Self

Scott B. Rae - Does "No" to Physician-Assisted Suicide mean "Yes" to Maximal Prolongation of Life?

Fred Sanders - The Disruptiveness of Liberal Evangelicalism: The Case of Biola 1928

Douglas S. Huffman - A New Taxonomy of Functions for the NT Use of the OT

John Coe - Moderator (Spiritual Formation / Sanctification)

Steven L. Porter - The Role of Knowledge and Intentionality in Sanctification by the Spirit

Judy TenElshof - Why Self Help is Antithetical to Spiritual Formation

Gregory E. Ganssle - Moderator (Evangelical Philosophical Society)

Jason McMartin & Timothy Pickavance - Edwards, the Epistemology of Emotions, and Religious Disagreement

Paul Nelson - Panel discussion on “Theistic Evolution” (Evangelical Philosophical Society)

I. Leon Harris - Moderator - Church History General Studies

Matt Jenson - In Other Words? The Difficult Question of Jesus’ Divinity in Schleiermacher

Thursday, November 21

Benjamin Shin - Moderator (Asian/Asian-American Theology) 

J. Michael Thigpen - Attending to Prophetic Rhetoric: Genre and Inerrancy in the Prophets

John Coe - Moderator (Spiritual Formation / Sanctification)

Kyle Strobel - Scripture, the Beatific Vision, and Reading in the Spirit

John Coe - The Role of Scripture in the Spiritual Formation of Jesus

Charlie Trimm - Tamar, Amnon, and David: A Cautionary Tale for Those Ignoring the Sexual Sins of Church Leaders

Fred Sanders - John Webster and the Doctrine of the Trinity

Greg Peters - Becoming a Community of Disciples: Guidance from Benedict and Basil

J. P. Moreland - How Christian Philosophers can Serve Theologians and Biblical Scholars

Greg Peters - Moderator (Anglican Theologies of Eucharistic Practice)

John Bloom - Moderator (Creation When Did “In the Beginning” Begin? Comparing Creation in Genesis 1 & John 1)

Matt Jenson - Moderator (Ecclesiology)

Darian Lockett - The Early Legitimacy of the Catholic Epistles

Ashish Naidu - Divine Adaptation and Christian Edification: Reading Scripture with John Chrysostom

Moyer Hubbard - Weakness, Strength, and Athleticism in Corinth: The Social Matrix of a Pauline Motif

Nolan Whitaker - Perdurantists Shouldn’t Be Animalists

Gregory E. Ganssle - Modeling Divine Causal Agency

Oscar Merlo - Moderator/Framing the Conversation (Global South: Raising Hispanic Voices in American Evangelical Theological Education)

Octavio Esqueda - “Mañana” The Future of Hispanic Theological Education in the US and Latin America

Friday, November 22

Thomas J. Sappington - Dealing with Deep-Level Deception: A Critical Component in Facilitating Spiritual Formation

Kent Dunnington - Panelist of authors of essays from Love, Divine and Human: Contemporary Essays in Systematic and Philosophical Theology (argues on exegetical and philosophical grounds that there is not a Christian duty to love one’s neighbor as oneself)

Institute for Biblical Research

Friday, November 22

Darian Lockett - Welcome: Research Group: Biblical Theology

Daniel E. Kim - The Crime of Gibeah: A Reassessment through the Lens of Deuteronomy

Society of Biblical Literature

Saturday, November 23

James Petitfils - Beauty and the Blasphemers: Appearance, Dress, and the Martyrs of Lyons

Darian Lockett - Presiding: Letters of James, Peter, and Jude Section

Fred Sanders - Respondent: Research Group: Scripture and Doctrine Seminar

James Petitfils - Dying in Style: Physiognomic and Sartorial Discourse(s) in Eusebius’s Martyr Stories

Joe Henderson - Jeremiah 2–10 and 11–20 as Laments

Sunday, November 24

Darian Lockett - Presiding: History of Reception

Isaac Blois - Brave Priestesses of Philippi: The Cultic Role of Euodia and Syntyche (Phil 4:2) 

Monday, November 25

Moyer Hubbard - “The Presence of His Body Is Weak”: Athleticism, Sport, and the Social Setting of the Corinthian Complaint 

Jeanette Pifer - Panelist: Panel Review of Nijay Gupta, Paul and the Language of Faith 

Adam Chebahtah - The Good Life in Ancient Near Eastern Theodicy