Is it possible to love your wife when you're not with her?  Here are 10 ways:

  1. Let her know you’re thinking about her throughout the day (texts, e-mails, notes through social media).
  2. Turn your eyes away from temptation, and by all means stay away from pornography.
  3. Speak well of her when talking to others.
  4. Think loving thoughts about her; don’t dwell on negatives.
  5. Take responsibility for the kids so she can get some time alone.  (It’s not babysitting; they’re your kids too.)
  6. Leave her handwritten notes.  Even post-it notes on the bathroom mirror will be appreciated.
  7. Plan a surprise date.
  8. Buy her small gifts to remind her that you are thinking about her.
  9. Do something for her that she doesn’t want to do (wash the car, wash the dishes, take the dog to the vet, call the insurance company).
  10. Pray for her.