Every year, the week before Thanksgiving brings the annual scholarly conferences for biblical and theological studies. Like most years, Biola and Talbot professors and students are well represented at these meetings in a variety of ways. Given the theological distinctives of Biola, the focus of the attention goes to the Evangelical Theological Society meeting. In particular, Biola professor Fred Sanders is giving one of the plenary speeches this year. The past year has also seen a significant change in the location of ETS since their offices have moved here to Biola and the executive director of ETS, Michael Thigpen, has been hired to teach part-time at Talbot. However, those connected to Biola also appear in several concurrent conferences, including the Institute for Biblical Research and the Society of Biblical Research. As always, Biola professors and students are doing fascinating work in many different areas!

— Charlie Trimm


Evangelical Theological Society

Tuesday, November 15

Freddy Cardoza — Building Your e-Portfolio: Going from "Invisible" to "Incredible” Candidate

Freddy Cardoza — Creating an Academic Position Search Strategy

Matt Jenson (Moderator) — “Ecclesiology”

Greg Peters (Moderator) — “Ecclesiology”

Jonathan Anderson — Panel Review of Modern Art and the Life of a Culture by William Dyrness & Jonathan Anderson

Charlie Trimm and Uche Anizor — Christ in Judges and Ruth? A Survey of Recent Studies on Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

Fred Sanders — Evangelical Trinitarianism and the Unity of the Theological Disciplines

Daniel Kim — A Cacophony of Voices: Noise in Atrahasis and Its Relationship to the Genesis Flood Narrative

Ron Pierce — Deborah: Troublesome Woman or Woman of Valor?

Mike Thigpen — Moderator of “The Church, the Seminary, and the Future of Formal Theological Education”

Clint Arnold — Panel participant on “The Church, the Seminary, and the Future of Formal Theological Education”

Freddy Cardoza — Creating an Academic Position Search Strategy

Tom Finley (Moderator) — “Trinity in OT/NT Studies”


Wednesday, November 16

Ben Shin (Moderator) — “Asian/Asian-American Theology”

Sheryl Silzer and Ben Shin — Theological Implications of the Cultural Complexities in Asian American Churches

Greg PetersDocere verbo et exemplo: The Contribution of the Middle Ages to Spiritual Formation

R. Scott Smith — Nominalism and the History of Constructivism

Gary Manning — The Logos and the Testimony: Large-Scale Narrative Features in the Gospel of John and Revelation

Grace Sangalang — Attachment Theory and How It Relates to Relationship with God in the Asian American Community

Mike Thigpen (Moderator) — “Inerrancy”

John Coe (Moderator) — “Spiritual Formation/Sanctification”

Klaus Issler — Diverse Interpretations of NT Greco-Roman Economic Context, with Illustrations from Jesus’ Parable of the Talents (Matt 25:14-30)

John Coe — Spiritual Theology: What is Missing in Evangelical Theology and the Church

William Lane Craig — Philosophical Issues in the Doctrine of the Atonement

Leon Harris — Theology through Theologians: Gunton and Irving - Towards a Trinitarian Spirit Christology

Uche Anizor — The Trinitarian Shape of Colin Gunton’s Atonement Theology

Kyle Strobel — Jonathan Edwards's Spiritual Theology

Ryan Peterson — Primary Justice, Business, and the Flourishing of Humanity


Thursday, November 17

Darian Lockett — Respondent to A “Canonical” Approach of the Catholic Epistles

Fred Sanders — Respondent to discussion of his book, The Triune God

Greg Peters — Respondent to discussion of his book, The Story of Monasticism

William Lane Craig (Moderator) — Evangelical Philosophical Society session


Institute for Biblical Research

Friday, November 18

Darian Lockett — Presiding at the Biblical Theology, Hermeneutics, and the Theological Disciplines Research Group


Society of Biblical Literature

Saturday, November 19

Darian Lockett — Leviticus 19 in James and 1 Peter: Assessing a Common Appeal to Tradition and Its Relevance for Reading James and 1 Peter Together


Monday, November 21

Doug Huffman — The Imperative Mood in the New Testament Prohibitions: 'Stop Explaining It This Way!'

Charlie Trimm — Defining Genocide in the Ancient Near East: Insights from Genocide Studies