Bible Fluency: Sing it, See it, Study it

Are you as concerned about the growing problem of biblical illiteracy as I am? We Christians have more Bible-focused resources available to us than has any generation of Christians in the history of the world. Despite this we are literally—from a spiritual standpoint—starving ourselves to death. (Read my article “The Crisis of Biblical Illiteracy”). Would you like your church, adult Bible class, youth group, or small group to reach Bible fluency by pursuing an Old Testament Fluency in 12 Weeks class or a New Testament Fluency in 12 Weeks class using the free resources at Here’s how.

Gather together a group of people who are interested in becoming Bible fluent; that is, they want to know where the main events, characters, and themes are found in the Bible, as well as how it all fits together. Decide whether you want to begin with an Old Testament Fluency in 12 Weeks class or a New Testament Fluency in 12 Weeks class—you can start with either. You then have to make a choice. Are you going to lead and teach the class or are you going to simply lead the class and let the video teacher (me) teach the instructional sections? The program is set up so that you can choose either.

The teachers’ guide will lead you step by step through everything you need to know about leading a class: what to bring and what to do at each step in the process. Each class session is designed to be one hour long. A normal class session starts with everyone listening to—and singing along with—one of the pre-recorded Bible Fluency songs, such as the Prophets Song for the Old Testament, or the Gospels Song for the New Testament. The opening song is followed by a ten question quiz which you will administer (for example: In which book of the Bible does the conquest of Jericho take place? Answer: Joshua. Or: In which book of the Bible is the parable of the Prodigal Son? Answer: Luke...not Matthew, Mark, or John). The quiz is followed by five or ten minutes discussing and answering questions about the workbook assignment due that day. At the center of the one hour class time is a 20 minute instructional section, which you can choose to teach yourself (View all the notes you need to teach this section), or allow the video teacher (me) to teach. You will wrap up your time together doing a creative learning or review activity, such as Bible jeopardy or a matching activity.

Note that it’s OK to be learning the material yourself even while you’re leading a class. You don’t have to know it all ahead of time to be able to be an effective leader of one of these classes.

That’s it! Find the complete free downloadable teachers’ and leaders’ guides for Old Testament and New Testament. View video recordings of me teaching the 20 minute instructional section for free (Old Testament and New Testament) or for sale through digital quality DVD for larger screens. View downloadable and printable handouts. All these resources can be accessed under the tab “Classes and Videos” at Don’t forget that everything—in digital format—is free. If you want physical resources—and our guess is that some people will prefer physical resources, such as a music CD, color flashcards, a workbook, or the teaching DVDs, or the complete learning kit—these are available for sale through Weaver Book Company.

Do you know a ministry leader who would be interested in knowing about this free resource? Then, please, by all means share the good news!

Did I mention that it’s free?

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