Maybe it’s because I’m on sabbatical. Then again, maybe it’s because I just became a grandmother. For whatever reason, I collected these thoughts: acts of life for every day.


Break a sweat (the workout kind) every day

Eat a good salad (potato or macaroni don't count) every day

Pray intentionally for others every day

Walk a mile (an in someone else's shoes) every day

Be amazed at something in God's creation every day

Adore God for who he is every day

Sing, even if you can't, every day

Dance, even if you can't, every day

Laugh every day

Read something directly from God every day

Hug someone like you mean it every day

Smile at a stranger every day

Take a nap, even a short one, every day

Deny yourself of something every day (start with gossiping, lying, or self-centeredness)

Confess honestly, specifically, and often to God every day

Connect, really connect, with a friend every day

Reflect on what's really important every day

Be so dependent to ask God for help every day

Know you are completely forgiven every day

Know you are perfectly loved every day

Thank God through his Son that by his Spirit you can do these acts of life every day