The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary, edited by Tremper Longman III (with Peter Enns and Mark Strauss), is now available for purchase as an E-Book or in hardcover. This one-volume dictionary offers 1767 full-color pages and more than 5,000 articles by 124 Bible scholars. You might ask, “Why should I care about this Bible dictionary?” You should care because many of the contributors are Talbot faculty.

Talbot’s graduate and undergraduate faculty contributors include Doug Gerringer, Doug Huffman, Joanne Jung, Michelle Lee-Barnewall, Darian Lockett, Jim Mohler (deceased), Ben Shin and Ken Way. Each contributor wrote a minimum of 5,000 words. In my case, I wrote many short entries on various topics like Amarna, Birds, Colt, Gaza, Giants, Hamor, Jabin, Micah (person), Mule, Theocracy, and Water.

On the back cover, the dictionary is described this way: “The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary helps you read the Bible with increased understanding and confidence, offering easy access to articles on people, places, things, and events in Scripture, even if they only appear in a single verse. It is comprehensive, with extensive cross-referencing to related articles; it includes authoritative articles on the books of the Bible; and it provides a ready reference to up-to-date scholarship from biblical studies, archaeology, geography, history, and theology… Entirely new, up-to-date, nontechnical, and easy-to-use, this comprehensive Bible dictionary will be an indispensable reference for your own personal study of God's Word or in preparation for teaching.”