Are you studying Greek and need to be reminded that it is worth all the work? Or have you spent the time learning the basics of the Greek language and want to being to learn how to apply it to Scripture? There is a new book that nicely combines the study of New Testament Greek and a devotional reading of the Bible.

A brand new book entitled “Devotions on the Greek New Testament: 52 Reflections to Inspire and Instruct,” edited by J. Scott Duvall and Verlyn Verbrugge, and contributed to by over 40 New Testament scholars, including five from Talbot School of Theology, has just been released by Zondervan. The devotions make use of the intricacies of the Greek language in order to explore and explain some of the majesty of God’s Word. This is a useful tool for not only the student just learning grammar, but also the pastor who needs help removing the dust from his Greek lexicon.