Henrietta:  Pastor Bob said he’d be here before midnight.

Mildred:  My watch says it’s before midnight.

Henrietta:  So Pastor Bob is here.  Right?

Mildred:  Right.

Henrietta.  But it’s always before midnight unless it is midnight.

Mildred:  So Pastor Bob is always here.

Henrietta:  That’s what I love about Pastor Bob; he’s always around when you need him.

Mildred:  But it’s always after midnight, too, unless of course it is midnight.  So Pastor Bob is never here.

Henrietta:  That’s what I was saying…  Pastor Bob never seems to be around when you need him.

Mildred:  Isn’t that the case.

Henrietta:  I wonder if he’s even coming tonight.

Mildred:  The reason he wanted to come before midnight was so he wouldn’t be out all the way ‘til tomorrow.

Henrietta:  But if tomorrow is after midnight, and it’s always after midnight, then it must always be tomorrow…even today.

Mildred:  Are you trying to tell me he’s not coming until tomorrow?

Henrietta:  No!  He’s coming today.  Before midnight.

Mildred:  But it’s before midnight, so he must already be here.

Henrietta:  Then what’re you standing there for?  Get him some tea!