All faculty, students, and local alumni are encouraged to attend the lectures by James K. Hoffmeier who will be our guest for the annual Robert Saucy Lecture Series on March 1-3, 2011.  His two chapel addresses (Tues./Thurs., 9:30 am; Calvary Chapel) will be respectively on "Yahweh Versus Pharaoh: God's Purposes in the Exodus" and "The Key to Finishing Strong: Lessons from the Life of Solomon."  He will also offer an evening lecture that is open to the general public on "The Exodus From Egypt in Light of Recent Archaeological Evidence" (Wed., 7:30-9:00 PM in Mayers Auditorium [Marshburn Hall]). 
I have had the privilege of studying briefly under Hoffmeier when I was in seminary (at TIU/TEDS), and I have been following his scholarship on Egypt, archaeology, and the Old Testament for years.  While his publications (see a sampling below) are widely respected throughout academia, he is also actively engaged in church ministry.  For these reasons, I am thrilled that the Department of Bible Exposition is able to host him this year. 
James K. Hoffmeier (Ph.D., University of Toronto) is Professor Old Testament, Ancient Near East History, and Archaeology at Trinity International University--Divinity School (Deerfield, IL).  He is also Director of the North Sinai Archaeological Project that is devoted to researching and studying Egypt's frontier during the New Kingdom.  He has authored and edited numerous books including "Sacred" in the Vocabulary of Ancient Egypt (OBO; Freiburg, 1985), Israel in Egypt (Oxford, 1997), Ancient Israel in Sinai (Oxford, 2005), Faith, Tradition and History (Eisenbrauns, 1994), The Future of Biblical Archaeology (Eerdmans, 2004), The Archaeology of the Bible (Oxford/Lion, 2008) and Immigration, Immigrants and the Bible (Crossway, 2009).