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Category: Alumni

  • AMC and Columbia Pictures VPs to Speak at Biola Media Conference on April 30, 2011

    Ten More Leading Industry Professionals join Wired Magazine co-founder, Kevin Kelly, on BMC 2011 Speaker Roster

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    STUDIO CITY, CALIF. — Tom Halleen, Senior Vice President of Programming and Scheduling for the AMC network, and DeVon Franklin, Vice President of...

  • Education Symposium Spotlights Public Schools

    Former education secretary Glen Thomas (’68) addresses state’s struggles and successes

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Faced with shrinking budgets and a steady stream of negative news reports, California’s public school system is generally understood to be heading...

  • Haiti: One Year Later

    Biolans bring good works and Good News to a nation in need.

    Jenna Bartlo — 

  • Teacher Gives Back to Community

    Orange County Register profiles alumna’s work with young people

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    For two-time Biola University graduate Gabriela Cova, the math tutoring she received as a student at the Santa Ana-based nonprofit KidWorks played...

  • Union Rescue Mission Brightens Skid Row on Christmas

    CEO, Andy Bales, inspires Biola students and graduates

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Andy Bales, president of Union Rescue Mission [URM] and a former Biola student, works with those experiencing homelessness every day. In the midst...

  • Biola Graduate Serves Soldiers as Army Psychologist

    Rosemead School of Psychology recognized for contributions to military

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Deployed in Afghanistan last year, alumna Katie Kopp (Ph.D. ’08) lived a life she never pictured herself in — one she has grown to love. After...

  • Alumnus Receives Prestigious National Award

    Teacher Aaron Sams Honored with Presidential Award

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Biola alumnus and now Woodland Park High School science teacher Aaron Sams (’99, M.A. ’04) has been recognized by the White House for his teaching...

  • Alumnus Wess Stafford Tells Story of Childhood Abuse and Deliverance

    President of Compassion International shares story in “Christianity Today”

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    President of Compassion International, Biola University alumnus Wess Stafford (’75), shared his heart shattering, but hopeful story on the cover...

  • Graduating Athletes Are Looking to Go Professional

    A reflection on four years at Biola

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    With graduation only a week away, seniors are reflecting on their four years at Biola. For athletes with significant achievements in sports, the...

  • Senior's Stop Motion Clay Animation Film Premiers

    Kevin Ulrich brings clay to life, with help of $5,000 grant

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Biola University senior Kevin Ulrich wasn’t an average 11-year-old, already writing stories and interested in producing them, he saved his lawn...

  • Talbot East Groundbreaking Ceremony

    Celebrating the Miracle of May

    Brenda Velasco — 

    Following a rapid succession of large commitments totaling $6.4 million, Biola University broke ground on its new Talbot Building complex on...

  • Jenna Bartlo — 

    Less than six weeks away from graduation, Biola University senior Tatiana Omran attended a live taping of a local talk show and won the largest...

  • Remembering Alumna Emily Haager, Ambassador for Cystic Fibrosis

    She inspired the surf community and others with her story

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    She was known for her heart and joyful spirit. She encouraged those who thought they could encourage her. And even after her death Saturday, May...

  • Jenna Bartlo — 

    Thousands of Biola women make an impact on the world for the Lord Jesus Christ through their leadership, service and dedication each day. March...

  • National Radio Show Hosts Live Taping at Biola

    White Horse Inn Speakers Discuss Contending One’s Faith

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Students had the opportunity to hear multiple perspectives on theological issues when White Horse Inn , a nationally syndicated radio show, held...

  • Alumnus Finds Hope in the Ruins of Haiti

    Andrew Mollenbeck Reports for KNX Radio

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    “I felt sick to my stomach, at times I wanted to cry. I saw some things I don’t know if I’ll ever care to talk about, but in my short time there...

  • Alumnus Highlighted in Christianity Today and Wall Street Journal for Intellectual Leadership

    A young scholar discerns “The New Evangelical Scandal” among his emerging generation

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Biola University’s Torrey Honors Institute alumnus, Matthew Lee Anderson (’04), “is at the head of a class of young Christian intellectuals who...

  • Alumni “Crash the Super Bowl”

    Doritos “Casket” Airs During First Quarter of Super Bowl

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Biola alumni Kevin Willson (’01) and Stephen Yao (’05) were two of the creative minds behind the Doritos commercial, “Casket” aired during the...

  • Alumnus Sings National Anthem at Lakers Game

    Melissa Batalles Hoped to Inspire Patriotism During Performance

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Biola alumnus Melissa Batalles (’07) was studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina when she received an invitation to sing the national anthem at a Los...

  • Alumnus Directed Back to Filmmaking after Full Time Ministry

    To Save A Life Premieres in Theatres Nationwide

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    When Jim Britts (’99) graduated from Biola University with a degree in Film, Television and Radio — now Cinema and Media Arts — he wondered why...

  • Biola Alumni Likely to "Crash the Super Bowl"

    Commercial is Finalist in Doritos Competition

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Biola alumni Kevin Wilson ('01) and Stephen Yao ('05) may crash this year's Super Bowl as part of Doritos' fourth annual competition, Crash the...

  • Biola Prays for the Nation of Haiti

    Alumnus Heads Home to U.S. After Earthquake

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    The impoverished nation of Haiti was hit with a magnitude 7.0 earthquake Tuesday night, rocking the capital city of Port-au-Prince and affecting...

  • Nikon Film Festival Selects Alum as Finalist

    Vote for Adam Sjoberg's Short Film “I wanted there to be sun”

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Nikon, the world-renowned camera manufacturer, left the doors of creativity open when they asked the public to tell them about their day in 140...

  • Foster Teens Experience Love of Christ

    Alumni impact Orange County Children’s Foundation through holiday event

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    The teenagers at the Orange County Children’s Foundation often don’t have families of their own. Many have been placed in foster care for their...

  • Biola Alum and South Dakota Senator Rises to the Top

    John Thune Captures National Buzz as Possible U.S. Presidential Candidate

    Jenna Bartlo — 

    Sen. John Thune [R-SD] is becoming more of a household name as Republicans continue to look to him as a possible candidate for the 2012...