To honor women during Women’s History Month, California Senate District 32 recognized 11 women of the local community as Women of Achievement, including Dr. Sarah Templeton (’99), director of Biola University’s Student Health Center.

“These women were nominated for their outstanding hard work and dedication to the district during the ongoing public health crisis,” said State Sen. Bob Archuleta. “Our district is fortunate to call home to a great number of women who make considerable contributions to their families, professions and individual communities, and we are honored to recognize these leaders for exemplifying the strength and abilities of all women in our Senate district.”

Templeton graduated from Biola with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In 2007, she went on to Azusa Pacific University to receive a Master of Science in Nursing. Then, in 2021, to Abilene Christian University to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). After years as a practicing nurse, she returned to work at Biola for the next 20 years, beginning as a nurse in the health center then being promoted to director.

“It was an honor to represent Biola University and to be nominated by dear colleagues who have also worked in the trenches,” said Templeton. “Each of them have been generous in providing support, valuable feedback and endless encouragement. In light of Women's History month, it was especially sweet to share the moment with my three daughters, the next generation of God-loving gals who desire to put him on display.”

Templeton was a large part of implementing guidelines to keep the community safe during the COVID-19 public health crisis. Noting her hard work and dedication, Vice President for Student Development, André Stephens, nominated her for the award. Templeton’s recent dedication to the community both inside and outside Biola during difficult times has pushed the university forward, he noted.

“It’s been said our university feels safer knowing that she has been involved in the intricacies of COVID-19 matters. Sarah has put in place health and safety protocols for quarantining infected and exposed students,” said Stephens.

Templeton has also worked toward ensuring that the campus and the entire community were prepared with supplies and equipment.

“She has worked with county officials, including the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to manage outbreaks, obtain testing supplies and to help clarify protocols,” said Stephens. “When vaccines became available, Sarah was able to secure them and offer vaccine clinics on our campus not only for students and employees, but eventually for community members including local high school students.”

Though Templeton was put in difficult situations throughout the pandemic, she continued to prioritize the safety and health of Biola students and employees. She has been attentive to what is needed during the pandemic and worked through challenges within the community.

“Sarah is admired for remaining positive and continuing to do amazing work, despite walking through one of the most challenging seasons of her career,” said Stephens. “What sets Sarah apart from others is an admirable combination of gifts and strengths.”

Templeton continues to exemplify many achievements throughout her career. The award has highlighted the success and dedication that she has and continues to build.

“When I think about someone who fulfills and exemplifies the spirit of this award, I think of Sarah,” said Stephens. “It is clear that Sarah has strong working relationships with those inside and outside of the university. She has done this consistently through her 20 years of work at the university.”

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