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After witnessing a comment section spiral out of control, an aunt’s unsavory Facebook post, or a coworker’s controversial Twitter feed, the online sphere may feel beyond repair. Is it reasonable to think that hope and peace can be achieved in today's online communication climate—where incivility often runs unchecked?

Let us join together and pray that we may be overflowing with hope and peace (Rom. 15:13), asking God to use us to redeem the online sphere. At our conference—Digital Hope: Reclaiming the Online Public Sphere—communication, public relations, and social media experts will consider communication strategies and spiritual disciplines that can help us extend compassion and civility when emotions run high as we communicate online.

Conference Lineup

  • Arianna Malloy
    Arianna Molloy
    Before the Conversation Starts: Sabbath Rest and Online Communication
  • Chase Andre
    Chase Andre
    From Civility to Love: What Does it Mean to Communicate like a Christian online?
  • Emily Sidnam
    Emily Sidnam
    Does Social Media Make People Meaner? Understanding and navigating barriers to civility online
  • Carolyn Kim
    Interview with Carolyn Kim
    Dr. Kim is an award-winning scholar who is emerging as a trusted guide in today's digital world. She is the author of Social Media Campaigns (Sage Publications).

Panel discussion and Q&A with the audience.