How can Christians maintain their convictions and yet do so with compassion and empathy in public discourse? Tim Muehlhoff, and two other Biola scholars had the opportunity to discuss this with Richard Mouw, a leading voice for "Christian civility." They explore civility in the contexts of interfaith dialogues, sexual morality, disagreement, biblical theology, and local church life.

Our co-directors, Tim and Rick, have long been passionate about civil discourse. This conversation is from 2017, where Tim had the opportunity to partner with the Center for Christian Thought and dialogue with Richard Mouw. The Winsome Conviction Project is excited to highlight the conversion, as it reflects the heart of our project.

Featuring Richard Mouw (Senior research fellow at the Henry Institute for the Study of Religion and Politics at Calvin University, Former President of Fuller Seminary), Tim Muehlhoff (Communication Studies, Biola University), Tom Crisp (Philosophy, Biola University), and Todd Pickett (Spiritual Development, Biola University)

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