Victoria felt like she was doing absolutely terribly at Biola, and it was only her first semester.

She was trying to juggle family drama, a budding social life, and pressure to be an academic powerhouse like her brother. All this together resulted in some serious mental health issues and withdrawal from the university right before finals week.

She felt beaten, like she wasn’t smart or capable enough to attend a university. Somehow, she mustered the courage to give it another go.

When she returned a semester later, she was directed to the Learning Center. The problem was, she didn’t really understand how the Learning Center could be a resource for her.

She ended the semester with a 1.9 GPA and a heavy heart.

Beaten again.

Returning to Biola was not the second chance she had hoped for. Coming back to a place where she had experienced so many painful things was more difficult than expected.

Victoria was placed on academic probation and assigned an academic advisor, Jamie Bos.

When students like Victoria meet with the Advising Center, they receive specific direction.

Over the course of three meetings, advisors listen to struggling students; helping them adjust to Biola’s community, listening to academic struggles, and working through habits like bad time management.

Jamie says that academic advisors help students pinpoint their tendencies and then create individualized plans to help them succeed. A lot of time is devoted to understanding tools to bring structure to their academic lives.

When Jamie and Victoria met, they talked through these things. He explained to Victoria exactly how resources like the Learning Center could help her. She overcame her test anxiety by taking tests there. The quiet, low pressure environment helped alleviate the pressure of taking tests in class; watching lots of people finish before you can be very stressful.

She also learned the importance of communication with her professors, so she began to set up meetings with them to discuss her grades and achievement strategies for the classes.

Under the guidance of advisors, she used her natural strengths in planning and strategizing to excel in classes and assignments. Advising was the push she needed, and it paid off. In one semester her GPA rose from 1.9 to 3.0!

In addition to the huge grade bump, there was a true feeling of being cared for. The Advising Center took the time to build friendships, listen to her struggles, and give thoughtful advice.

Victoria wants others who are on academic probation to hear her story, to be aware of the resources they have, and to believe in themselves.

“If you’re capable of getting into a university, then you’re capable of succeeding in one,” she says with a smile. “Don’t give up.”

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