I asked one of my professors how it was working with college students. She quickly responded “They’re lovely, but they’re always so tired!”

As I thought about it, these words rang extremely accurate in my mind. So, what can we do about this? Our schedules are crazy and tiredness seems unavoidable. But, we won’t lose the battle that easy, right?

Below you will find some helpful tips towards minimizing exhaustion.

Get in a sleep schedule

Whether you can only get 6 hours of sleep or 8 hours, try to get in a routine so your body isn’t constantly thrown for a loop

Eat energizing foods

Bananas, dark leafy greens, nuts, greek yogurt, and lean proteins. Nothing fried or heavy in artificial sugar!

Let yourself take breaks

One twenty minute break is better than two hours of half asleep work. A twenty minute break can make all the difference.

Plan your life

If you know you’re going to have a hard day the next day, plan ahead and cuddle up in bed with a nice podcast, book, or your favorite Netflix show.


We can be very affected by our surroundings. So, change it up! If you know you have a long day of homework ahead, travel to a nice coffee shop by the beach. If you know you’re tired, light a candle and work on your paper in your jammies before bed.


Some things you waste precious time doing, you don’t even care about that much (I’m looking at you, social media!)

Know yourself

Knowing what takes away your energy and what gives you energy is really important. If spending time with friends inspires you, you know you can handle that with lower energy. But, if you know you need alone time do that. Try your best to not feel guilty for taking care of yourself. We can only give when we have something to give!