Welcome back! Whether you had the best break of your life or you are relieved to be back and swamped in 18 units, you’re not alone. Regardless of how your time away felt, here are a few things I have learned when it comes to getting back in the swing of things:

  1. Get a grasp on your new schedule.
    1. Take time to note the changes (no matter how small) so that you can mentally prepare for whatever is coming. I have found that the hardest transitions are the ones we under estimate. For some this may mean marking everything down in calendars (there are a ton of free printable ones online) or others this may just be setting a few iphone reminders. Either way, think through it and set yourself up for success!
  2. Make time for reflection.
    1. When I look around I don’t see many of us stopping and asking ourselves good questions. As you start next semester take a minute to look at how you have changed, how you want to change, and if the people in your life are good for you.
  3. Figure out what your priorities are/ healthy boundaries.
    1. After looking at this, create healthy boundaries for yourself as you begin a new semester.
  4. Figure out a plan for keeping in touch/ setting boundaries with people back home.
    1. As you’re adjusting back to school, it is important to remember the people back home still exist. For you this may mean being upfront with your parents about how much time you have to talk, or prioritizing friendships that take more work than the ones in front of you.
  5. Set goals.
    1. Set a GPA goal for yourself, healthy eating habits, or sleep standards. Either way, know what you want for yourself and strive for it.

Happy studying my friends! Remember, we are doing this all for a purpose. We’re the future, so consider actually doing the assigned reading :)