To our beloved GRIT community,

We know that many departments/organizations on and off Biola’s campus have released statements in response to COVID-19. As a part of the Biola community and individuals on campus, We have felt for and mourned with you over the past few weeks of confusion, anxiety, and sudden loss.

When we received the first email which transferred all classes online, our initial plan was to collectively stay local in order to continue our weekly meetings and work as a team. Despite the fact that we are now scattered in our respective states and homes, that vision is still intact. With that, we have individually and corporately voiced our commitment to continuing to do the work of “bridging the gap” for the women in our community and on Biola’s campus. While we are disappointed that this must now take place mainly remotely, we recognize that GRIT does have an advantage in that we have always maintained a heavy online presence. We feel that this is an opportunity for GRIT to continue connecting the women of Biola to one another, and empowering each of you as you finish out this semester.

To keep up with us in the coming months, check-in for what will continue to be regularly posted blogs every Monday, social media campaigns and posts, and encouragement in the areas of Gifting, Resilience, Insight and Tenacity. We firmly believe that what was intended for destruction can be redeemed and used by God for good. We believe in our female students and want to encourage them to strive for excellence in their callings throughout the rest of this semester despite disappointment, cancellations, and change that pans out over the next few weeks. As always, we are with and for you. 

Stay gritty,

The GRIT editorial staff.