History of GRITmas

In the winter of 2017, GRIT was new to Biola University and decided to do something to benefit the Los Angeles community. One of the members came across an Instagram profile for the organization, FEM project. This organization’s goal is to deliver feminine care products to homeless women in need. The GRIT team was inspired by this incredible vision and decided, why not make it a party and invite the Biola community to come to serve our homeless neighbors in Los Angeles.

The team proposed the idea of GRITmas to the SGA senate in order to receive the funds necessary for the event. SGA was equally as excited for GRIT to make this event happen and gave the funding for the feminine care products and packing materials. From there the ladies at GRIT ran a social media campaign, welcoming students to the budding event. During the first year, Biola students in the GRIT community were able to pack 100 bags, but as time has gone on, GRITmas has produced over 500 feminine care packs. Each of those bags has gone on to meet a very tangible need for homeless women in LA, all packed with a note of encouragement.

Why we do GRITmas

GRITmas is essential because it’s a unique yet groundbreaking way to help the greater community outside of our Biola bubble. We also do GRITmas to break the stigma around menstruation; no woman should feel shame for the way her body naturally functions. GRIT encourages both men and women to join in on blessing the women on the streets of Downtown LA.”

(Explanation from Biola alumna GRITmas Co-founder and former GRIT Community Coordinator, Jasymne Bell)

What GRITmas will look like this year?

Our GRIT team still wanted to host GRITmas and we have found a way to cater to our Biola community. A few members of our team will be assembling the package of feminine products to ship to members of our Biola community who are willing and able to help. These packages will include pads, tampons, feminine wipes, chocolate, and more! This year, GRITmas will be taking place on Wednesday, December 2nd in 2020 from 5:00-6:00 pm. It will be a time where you can fellowship with others and take some time to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas which includes giving. It will also be a time where you can take time to take a break from school and make packages for the homeless women within your area. This event is welcome to all Biola students, so spread the news to your friends. Once you finish making the packages, you will deliver them to a local homeless shelter within your area. If you have an interest in participating, please fill out this form and contact grit@biola.edu for any questions.