Happy spring semester! This past winter break I had the chance to go to Kolkata India in West Bangla. India’s history is littered with unique cultural elements such as their strong sense of community-based shame and honor as well as its bias towards a more patriarchal society preference. In spite of this, I was constantly surprised by small acts of female empowerment that came up from time to time.

This was illustrated in some quiet moments, such as a popular bumper sticker I noticed on many cars as well as all of Kolkata’s public busses which read “I commit to making my country as a safer place for women.” Those acts of empowerment were also found in some prominent symbols: Kolkata was dominated by big billboards celebrating the new year with West Bangla’s current Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, the first female to hold such a position.

India is a country far different from the states but it filled me with such joy as well as praises to  God to see how He works to show love to us, His daughters, regardless of culture, language and religion. As such, I wanted to praise Him, and I was able to channel that praise into my most beloved art form, photography. So I hope that all of you had a restful break, have an amazing semester and here are some photos for you to enjoy!

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