Father God,

I pray for the women of Biola. That we would see the image of You in our reflections. I pray that that would empower us, shape us and grow us into who you have created us to be. I pray that we would see your glory in that; that your mighty soft hand has molded us into the women we are today. Faultless, blameless, and glorious in your wonder. 

In this stressful time in the semester, I pray that you would come around us. Blanket us with a peace of mind and stillness in spirit. I pray that motivation would be upheld and self doubt would perish. I pray boldly that anxiety would flee from this campus. That it would not have a place to reside in our minds. Lord, we know you have placed us here to prepare us for the life you have ahead of us. Let us not forget that, but rather lean into the beauty of that truth. You have us here for mighty things. You have us here for holy things. I pray that we would dwell in the truth that you are well pleased with us. That there is nothing we can say or do that will make you change the endless and boundless love You have for us. 

Holy Spirit, I pray that you would move in mighty ways here at Biola. I pray that you would place on our hearts the truth that you want us to speak to our friends, family, roommates, and professors. I pray that You would rise up the next generation of women who will go out and make a ruckus for the Kingdom of Heaven. That people would hear the voice of the Creator when we speak and come to know you through that. I pray boldly against any spiritual attack on this campus and for full restoration, healing and reconciliation in our lives. May we continue to run after what breaks your heart. Let us not be complacent, but rather content with the uncomfortability of what it means to be a woman in pursuit of God. 

You are good God. Let us see that in any and all that we walk through. Let us find a sweet place to receive rest from you, Lord. 

Be with us always. Amen and Amen.