It is human nature, I would argue, to compare ourselves to others. We compare our dingy, over-worn Converse to the pristine, white Adidas of another girl in passing. We compare our seemingly-lame Instagram feeds to the feed of the girl with the DSLR and amazing editing skills. As Christians, we often find ourselves even comparing spiritual callings. And though most of us know in the back of our minds just how detrimental this can be, the temptation to compare ourselves to other Christians is strong as ever at a place like Biola.

Sometimes you compare your lamp to others' and you come up short.

In this chapel session, Professor Shelly Cunningham speaks on the dangers of spiritual comparison. She understands the temptation to compare our “lamps” to the “lamps” of others--that "sometimes you compare you lamp to others' and you come up short." She reminds us that we must obey our God-given callings, recognizing the beauty in our own “lamps” and “lamp stands.” After watching Dr. Cunningham's insightful talk, complete with cute visual aids, I was encouraged to think deeply about my own gifting, and to use them as God has called me to.


Banner Photo: Leilani Banuelos