One thing I’ve learned in my 9 years working at Biola:

Biola. Grads. Rock.

Seriously, I am inspired by you. Some of you are stay-at-home moms, in grad school, leading non-profits or influencing large corporations - and wherever you are you are at this moment, whether you fully realize it or not, you are making an impact.

So, occasionally, we’ll share some of those incredible stories - stories of recent grads who are finding their way, slowly but surely, in this world, slowly but surely exploring their vocational calls from God.

Leticia Trujillo

I love it when Biola students are just as interested in process as product. None of us have arrived, but we’re running the race set before us by the Lord: living, learning, failing, falling, and rising again, seeking Jesus along the way. Leticia Trujillo, a May 2015 Poli Sci grad, is a stellar model of this kind of process-oriented life. And, she was kind enough to answer a few of our questions. So sit back and enjoy the wisdom of just one story from Life After Biola:

GRIT: What’s your current role & company/organization?

Leticia: Church Engagement Assistant, Sojourners, a nonprofit organization (visit if you’d like to know more).

GRIT: Where’s “home” for you?

Leticia: I grew up in Santa Clarita, CA, but of course, Biola also feels like a second home. Currently, I am living in Washington, D.C.

GRIT: What has been your journey since leaving Biola? Was it what you expected or imagined?

Leticia: My journey has been incredible since leaving Biola. I mean that in the fullest sense of the word. It’s hard to believe that I have actually taken a position in Washington, D.C., and am living with nine amazing individuals that are always teaching me something new. However, I have also encountered troubles and worries that’s been part of moving across the country, but living in community has taught me that I am not alone.

GRIT: What do you wish someone had told you before you left Biola?
 What do you wish you would've known or understood then?

Leticia: My best friend actually gave me advice that seemed to be prophetic. First, she reminded me to be myself. It sounds funny, but as a fairly reserved person, she reminded me that I am someone worth getting to know. Second, she told me that I should expect to make mistakes and learn how to make the best of it. Both were golden pieces of advice.

GRIT: What have been the 'aha' moments or surprises since leaving Biola? What did you least expect? What has been a pleasant surprise?

Leticia: Having worked so hard for my college degree I have been astounded by the amount of knowledge that I continue to gain outside Biola. There are opportunities to learn about everything here in Washington, D.C. in lectures, discussions, conversations, and at work. I’ve also come to realize even more about the importance of living in community. I feel rich in these areas.

GRIT: How would you describe your spiritual journey post-Biola - areas of growth, struggle, questions about God, etc?

Leticia: For some time I have embraced a healthy amount of doubt. I don’t have exact answers to everything, but that People are searching for answers that I am always asking myself, and my education at Biola taught me to welcome learning and dialogue and God is present in that.  - Leticia Trujillostrengthens my ability to search and question. I have come to learn that the east coast has a lot of spiritual diversity that I was not previously accustomed to, and in some sense that has been a struggle, but it has also risen as a source of hope. People are searching for answers that I am always asking myself and my education at Biola taught me to welcome learning and dialogue and God is present in that.

GRIT: What is one thing you wish you could say to your former Biola self?

Leticia: Take some regularly scheduled time to remind yourself of your strengths. Don’t simply think about the skills that you have listed on your resume, but also about those “soft” skills that you have been uniquely given through the grace of God. You will face doubts and questions about yourself and your capabilities. I certainly know I have, but I have had incredible people surround me in this season of my life reminding me that I am incredible; and they are right.

GRIT: Leticia, thank you. And keep being you. You are worth knowing.


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