Relationships are great. Whether they’re romantic or platonic, we love having relationships with others. So when we get into a new relationship, it is natural that we invest most of our time and energy into it. But when this new relationship is romantic, how do we avoid only spending time with this shiny new addition to our lives?

You’ve probably had that one friend who got a boyfriend and stopped making time for her friends. And by the second month of the relationship, your entire friend group is tired of her flaking on plans to hang out with her new boyfriend (be patient with her, she probably thinks he’s “the one”).

Or maybe you’re the friend with the new boyfriend that ditches your friends to hang out with him. Honestly, I can’t blame you. Having a fresh start with a new person is fun and exciting. You want to know everything about them, and want to make sure it works out for the long run. That’s awesome, and those types of relationships could be a part of God’s plan for your life. However, I encourage you to continue to pursue healthy friendships. Your friends truly love and care for you. They’re the people you want to hold close for the good times and the bad.

When you need help with small things like choosing a birthday gift for your s/o, or big things like being guided through a relationship rough patch, your friends are the people you want to lean on. It’s important to remember that they were there before this new guy was, so you should definitely take them into consideration when you are planning out your week.

A quick coffee date with a friend you haven’t seen in a while could possibly make their day.your friends want to see you thrive Or even something as simple as texting them “Hi! How are you?” is a good way to maintain a friendship. Your friends are aware that you want to spend a lot of your time with this new person in your life. And not only are they aware, but they are so happy for you! Your friends want to see you thrive. But keep in mind that them seeing your relationship posts on Instagram after you’d ignored their text asking to hang out could result in some conflict. No one likes the feeling of rejection or being ignored. All relationships, platonic or romantic, are like flowers. In order to keep them alive and well, you must pay attention to them and nourish them.

friends always,