The world-wide pandemic of 2020-2021 certainly hindered mainstream living at many levels including work, recreation, social gatherings and the church. Fortunately, one thing that continued and even increased has been the presence of online learning. This has been accomplished through multiple sources like YouTube, webinars and virtual conferences. I, too, used a number of these resources. That is why I am so excited to announce the launch of Talbot’s Online Masters of Divinity program to begin in the Summer of 2021. This program is a fully accredited, online degree which will give you the most comprehensive training and learning experience necessary for those who are looking into full-time vocational ministry.

Professors will be available for video conferences and opportunities for mentorship that goes beyond the lectures. Here are three things I’m excited about with Talbot’s new fully online MDiv format.

A Global Classroom: Accessibility of Classes & Professors

One of the greatest joys of the online classes that I’ve experienced during this time of pandemic has been the opportunity of having students join us from literally all over the world. I currently have students from the East Coast, the South, the Northwest, and the Midwest. I also have numerous students from all over Asia, Africa and Europe. This has been an amazing experience for all of our students to connect with each other. The online MDiv allows for asynchronous learning which serves students to learn during their optimal times.

I am excited and looking forward to being able to personally connect with students from around the globe in these one-on-one meetings. The concept of an “office hour” is now being brought directly into your own home! Imagine being able to talk with a top scholar like Dr. Clint Arnold or Dr. Scott Rae no matter where you are. The culture at Talbot School of Theology is one of mentorship. Many of our professors have experience pastoring a church. They are all approachable and devoted to minister to all of our students. Their dedication to students is one of the greatest strengths of our faculty. Now this is available to our students in their own home — a home visitation by your professor!

The Value of a Talbot Education

I truly believe in the value of an education from Talbot School of Theology. The fact that more students will now be able to have access to a Talbot degree is a priceless investment for the Kingdom of God. The importance of theological training during these times is so necessary for our churches and society as we are continuing to hear more messages contrary to the Christian worldview. While affordability is always a big question to Christian education, this online format will greatly reduce these expenses. This includes travel costs, lodging, food, and other expenses that have now been eliminated due to the online format. To move across the country, especially with a family, can be very difficult and costly. For this reason, the online degree will serve as a better economic option.

For our international students, there are even more savings both financially and in terms of governmental paperwork and hassle. While coming to the U.S. is still a great opportunity for our international students to study, there still may be some challenges that they face like obtaining student visas. Now we have yet another option to overcome this hurdle. The online degree as well as coming directly to campus provides a win-win for our international students.

Continued Access to Talbot Resources

Added advantage of the online M.Div program is the repeatability of the lectures. This provides students the opportunity to pause and replay the lectures in case they miss something or would simply want to hear the lecture again for greater comprehension.

Additionally, the online format not only provides the option of repeatability but also allows for added technology which gives students with special needs a way to study and learn at their own pace. This technology delivers students with sight and hearing challenges full accommodations for maximum learning. This is a feature that the online format can uniquely offer to our students universally.

Final Thoughts

I hope the benefits of the online M.Div. program are ones you may consider when looking to further your education. It certainly is a quality education at the highest level that upholds a high level of Biblical scholarship and practicality. Our faculty are committed to providing the best in Christian education to students not only to equip them to serve in ministry, but also for the life changing of their souls through spiritual formation. I hope that you will be a part of this new program. Surely you will not regret it! Please join us this Summer for the fully online Masters of Divinity degree at Talbot School of Theology.