Digital courses taught by a growing number of Biola’s professors are now available through Logos Mobile Education. Mobile Ed offers many non-credit courses on various topics from top professors in Christian universities and seminaries. The courses are available through Logos Bible Software and may be accessed from wherever you are. Recently, a number of our professors have filmed Mobile Ed courses which can be purchased through the Faithlife Corporation. Currently there are courses in apologetics, communications, education, New Testament and Old Testament taught by faculty like Sean McDowell, Kent Edwards, Freddy Cardoza, Darian Lockett and Ken Way. Links to these courses are listed here as follows:

AP 371 - A Biblical Response to Homosexuality (Sean McDowell)

Biblical Response to Homosexuality, McDowell

CM 102, 103, 104, 210 - Preaching Courses (J. Kent Edwards)

Preaching and Discipling Foundations Bundle

Invitation to Biblical Preaching I: Theological, Historical, and Pragmatic Reasons for Preaching

Invitation to Biblical Preaching II: Preaching Biblical Sermons

Also, coming soon: CM104 Introducing Biblical Preaching: Preach with Depth and CM210 Preaching Biblical Narrative.

ED 205 - Discipleship in History and Practice (Frederick Cardoza)

Discipleship in History and Practice, Cardoza

NT 286 - Survey of the General Epistles (Darian Lockett)

Survey of the General Epistles, Lockett

OT 217 - Interpreting Judges (Kenneth Way)

Interpreting Judges, Way