Have a read of Psalm 3 (NIV, ESV).  Let's pray.

O Heavenly Father, how typical of us it is to look, not first to you, but straight at our many foes, and then shrink back from our difficult situations and listen far too readily to those who question your goodness to us.  Forgive us, Father!  Our foes and troubles and doubts are not our final reality.  Jesus Christ is our final reality!  Through your Son and Spirit, you are our protection, our mighty fortress; more than merely protecting us, you indeed exalt us in the very midst of what so troubles us.  You, Father—wonder of wonders!—when we your timid children cry to you, you answer us!  And even as we go about our daily lives, even as we awoke this morning, even when we wake again after death, it is because you faithfully preserve us.  What really have we to fear, when our lives are so utterly in your sovereign hands?  What are all the attacks of our enemies, of sin, death, and the devil, even, alas, of our human enemies—what are these before you?  And when we feel their threat, would you move us by your Spirit, not merely to lament, but first to cry out, “Arise, O Lord!  Deliver us, O our God!  Break the teeth of the wicked!”  Father, would you, by your Spirit, keep our gaze fixed upon the Son in whom we can be as certain of our deliverance as was your servant David.  May this blessing, Father, be upon all your people.  Amen.