Here's Psalm 2 (NIV, ESV).  Let's pray: 

Lord Jesus Christ, almighty and risen from the dead, you are awesome!  What is all the strength of this world compared to you?  Who is there to challenge you?  The greatest leaders from the most powerful nations of this globe, the very kings of this earth and every evil power they so often represent—what is the fiercest of this opposition next to your iron rule?  The Father anointed you with the Spirit at the river Jordan as the one true king, so that you might accomplish a mission on this earth, and who can stop you?  For when the violence of humanity, and Satan himself, had done their worst, on that great ‘today’ of Easter you rose from the weakness of death to take up all God’s vast, incalculable, unimaginable, unstoppable power!   And yet, Lord Jesus, when it was we who played kings, we who took our stand against you as your enemies, when it was we who rejected your rule, you did not crush us, but allowed yourself to be crushed.  You did not dash us to pieces, but were yourself bruised, wounded, and crucified for us!  Your righteous wrath which flared up against our sins you took upon yourself and granted us instead refuge, sweet and eternal refuge.  You asked of the Father, and he gave us to you as an inheritance.  Such grace and such mercy are too wonderful for us.  Enable us by your Spirit, O Lord Jesus Christ, our heavenly king, so to serve you with fear, so to rejoice with trembling in the depths of your goodness to us, that you may be pleased through us to extend your kingdom and glory to the very ends of the earth.  Amen.