A business startup created by two Crowell School of Business graduates was recently accepted into the Ocean accelerator program — a faith-based startup support program that includes seed funding, training and mentoring. Each start-up accepted by Ocean receives a $50,000 investment staggered over the course of the program as it progressively builds and grows.

“We are being equipped to be investor-backable by this summer,” said Sarah Hartono (‘22), one of the creators. “We will also be connected to a customized investor pool from the Ocean network to help scale MILLU. We have also launched our first flagship product on Kickstarter!”

The startup, MILLU, was conceived by Hartono and Sena Lee (‘21). Originally named The Great Exchange, it won the 2021 Biola Startup Competition.

The project is described as “an innovative, award-winning way for parents and children to connect deeply. We create fun and immersive kits that empower and prepare your child for life by building character, resilience, and vital connection skills. While there are thousands of STEM-related kits, MILLU creates spaces for adults and children to deeply connect through purpose-filled play.”

“We are so thankful for how the Crowell curriculum and faculty and staff have built us and MILLU into who we are today,” said Hartono.

The OCEAN high-tech accelerator considers tech startups that are beyond the idea stage, and is intended to help founders build venture-backable start-ups through a 16-week program that combines a unique curriculum and rich mentorship. Entrepreneurs must apply to the program, and their startup is then evaluated on several variables, including being tech-based and having high cultural potential as well as high growth potential. The program leverages seed funding and mentors to help grow startups while taking founders on a concurrent spiritual journey — OCEAN believes in the integration of faith and entrepreneurship.

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