Pastors and ministry leaders in the Acts 29 church planting network will have the unique opportunity to study together without leaving their individual ministries starting this fall. In a new partnership with Acts 29, Biola University’s Talbot School of Theology will offer a Masters in Christian Ministry and Leadership in a new accessible hybrid format that connects Acts 29 pastors and ministry leaders.

"Our partnership with Acts 29 allows us to provide top-notch theological education in partnership with a network of churches,” said Ed Stetzer, dean of Talbot School of Theology. “This model will be the first of many such partnerships, allowing us a close-in relationship where we become the seminary of like-minded networks and denominations.”

Due to the accessible nature of the program, pastors can continue doing ministry and have the opportunity to expand their theological knowledge with other Acts 29 ministry leaders in a contextualized, interactive learning environment. The program can be completed in two to three years.

Acts 29 is a church-planting network that shares in Talbot’s vision of equipping church leaders with a robust theological foundation for a lifetime of effective gospel ministry.

The 49-credit, hybrid program consists of both in-person and online learning experiences. In-person sessions will take place on Biola University’s campus as well as other locations throughout the United States, such as the Acts 29 national conference and Acts 29 churches.

“For leaders whose ministry demands can take a lot out of them, getting a chance to break away and connect with like-minded colleagues is refreshing,” said Stetzer. “This program emphasizes the importance of being together in-person while leveraging the flexibility that online education has to offer. We’re excited about the deep friendships and ministry collaborations that will emerge as these students get to know each other in class, over meals and in uninterrupted conversation.”

Learn more and apply on the Acts 29 website.

Written by Katelyn Ho, strategic communication assistant.