Biola University alumna Brittany Prentiss (B.A. ’08, M.A. ’20) started using her degree immediately after graduating in 2008 as a mathematics teacher at Whittier Christian High School.

“I always was interested in math growing up,” said Prentiss. “My family moved a lot growing up, so language and culture was constantly changing. Math was the same everywhere we lived. It just became a little more of a constant. In high school I found math to be a big puzzle to solve or game to play. I thought it was super fun.”

Prentiss paired her degree in mathematics with a single subject teaching credential from Biola’s School of Education and found herself not only teaching math, but as a mentor to her students. She actively engaged students, attending athletic games and helping with ASB events.

“The achievement I am most proud of in my career is having the yearbook dedicated to me at Whittier Christian High School,” said Prentiss. “The students chose me because of my impact in their lives, and that meant a lot to me.”

After seven years at Whittier Christian High School, Prentiss accepted a teaching position at Southlands Christian School in Rowland Heights, Calif. where she had the opportunity to teach students from around the world including Vietnam, Spain, Korea, China and Guatemala. During that time, Prentiss also achieved a master’s degree in teaching from Biola.

“Biola gave me love for learning in community and learning alongside people,” said Prentiss. “My academic and cognitive endeavors were always intertwined with my relationships at Biola. Before that, school was about learning the thing and going home. Biola gave me the desire to do both of these things. Being there emotionally, while also being cognitively challenged.”

Now, Prentiss is making an impact on Biola students. She recently returned to Biola as an adjunct professor in the mathematics department.

“I love getting to be back on campus and contributing to the community that was so formidable to my education,” said Prentiss. “Getting back to the community that shaped me is just so special. It’s a full circle moment really, as the place that poured so much into shaping the way I do my job, is now a place where I can give back to them.”

In addition to teaching, Prentiss and her husband alumnus Joey Prentiss (B.A. ’12, M.A. ’20) became foster parents in 2021 and are in the process of adopting two girls they have been foster parenting.

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