Working mom of two, Juliana Solorio (B.S. ’22), aspired to move up in her career and earning a B.S. in business management from Biola afforded her the opportunity for professional advancement.

Solorio, who graduated from the online B.S. in Business Management program with honors, couldn’t have pursued her degree without financial assistance from a previous employer. She knew God was the reason for the financial blessing.

“I said, ‘if this is your plan for me, lead me to a school where I can grow to be confident in who I am through you and take it to my workplace,’” Solorio said.

Her discipleship pastor recommended Biola University. Intrigued, she searched the internet and saw that visionary-in-residence Roberta Green Ahmanson was at Biola. Solorio knew that Biola was the school she needed to be at.

“I came to meet Mrs. Ahmanson once many years ago and was astonished with her kindness and giving heart,” she said. “If someone like her was affiliated with Biola, I knew it had to be good.”

Solorio jumped into her program as a full-time student in January 2019 before becoming a part-time student after the pandemic started in 2020.

Unlike traditional undergraduate students, Solorio had a family she had to take care of alongside her work and studies. This brought new challenges, but the support of her family was something that she greatly appreciated.

“I kept my sanity thanks to them,” she said.

Needing to figure out a scheduling system, she listed her duties and responsibilities for school on a shared whiteboard so her husband and two children could see and be aware of what she was doing and what was expected of her.

“My family’s support was the fuel to keep me going and not giving up and oh, did I have those moments of giving up,” she admitted.

While she worked at Nihon Kohden OrangeMed, Inc., she realized her current knowledge and experiences in Human Resources (HR) were enhanced by taking the Crowell School of Business program simultaneously. She had a “deeper appreciation, respect, admiration” for the type of work she enjoyed to do.

After completing her degree, she was promoted to HR Manager and plans on staying at Nihon Kohden OrangeMed, Inc. long term.

“The program exposed me and helped me develop knowledge and understanding of most, if not all, functional areas within a business or organization that are interconnected and cohesively essential for any business to succeed,” she said.

Solorio most appreciated the professors at Biola due to their kindness and generosity.

“It filled my heart just knowing I had a group of professors praying over me, especially in challenging seasons like the ones we witnessed during COVID-19,” she said. “Biola has instilled in me to trust that God is at mission with me in any interaction, decision making, or experience in the workplace, positioning me in such a position where He is exalted and glorified.”

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Written by Charlotte McKinley, public relations intern. For more information, please email