Biola University’s Snyder School of Cinema and Media Arts received an $800,000 grant to provide additional state of the art equipment for its students. The grant will support the film school as a whole, but will specifically support the Game Design and Interactive Media concentration in the construction of a new computer lab. 

Twenty new high performance computers, valued at $9,000 each, will be included in the lab and enable and enhance instruction in post-production and game design methods. The lab will open in a temporary location prior to the opening of the new Cinema and Media Arts building, set to open in the next few years. The grant will support student access to specialized equipment that will further enhance their educational experience. 

The highest priority for Biola’s film program is to ensure that every student has access to industry grade equipment and gear. This will continue to be an important priority for the school regardless of how big the school may grow. 

“This grant and equipment purchase is a sign of that commitment and the faith that the arts and media community have in our program and its ability to create impact,” says Gerald Fisher, Interim Director of the Snyder School of Cinema and Media Arts, “This well-respected Los Angeles foundation believes in the arts and is committed to supporting Biola’s growth in media and entertainment.”

Biola’s film students have access to several editing bays, a production center, and nearly $4 million worth state of the art equipment. However, with the addition of a specialized computer lab, students will now have access to software that supports the creation of interactive media and game design, specifically. Because so much of the curriculum in a film school is technology-based, a computer lab is a vital element. It will become one of the most essential components of the Snyder school, second only to the equipment room that supplies field gear.

Snyder students at Biola are known for their award-winning film projects. The addition of the computer lab would give them the resources to create more stunning material and focus  attention on editing and sound quality. The new technology will also allow for additional courses in visual effects, animation and virtual reality. 

In addition to the computer lab, the grant enables the school to purchase additional Canon Cinema Cameras  — valued at $20,000 each — to aid in the development of the program’s production concentration. It will support the rapidly-growing film school as it is expected to increase enrollment in the coming years. 

Biola University’s Snyder School of Cinema and Media Arts was listed as one of 50 best film schools around the world by Variety’s Entertainment Education Report in 2019. Located just 20 miles from Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, Biola’s Snyder School of Cinema and Media Arts has abundant opportunities for students, including several off-campus programs and an on-campus production center with over $3 million worth of state-of-the-art equipment.

Written by Kiana Karn, iBiola reporter intern. For more information, contact Jenna Loumagne, manager of media relations, at (562) 777-4061 or